Writing Assignment for the week of March 5

As always, have your notebook with you at all times. Write down at least 10 sentences that you overhear people say. Write word for word what is said. At some point during the week, choose one of the s... Read More

Ode to Winged Words

Ode to Winged Words Oh Odysseus, it was notyours that did me innot yetbut some others I underscoredand mouthedMadeleineWaltErica and TomLeonard CohenJoni MitchellThank youfor urgingmy ballpoint pensom... Read More

Upcoming Deadlines: March and April

2/20 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Contest 2/28 The Ledge Fiction Award 3/1 James Jones Literary Society First Novel Contest 3/1 Word Works Poetry Manuscript (48-64 pages) 3/4 GSU Review Ficti... Read More

Michael Dirda’s article on Kundera’s "curtain"

Taken from: Milan Kundera on the civilizing values of the novel. By Michael Dirda Sunday, February 4, 2007; Page BW10 Only the aesthetic project itself truly matters, the fully achieved novel, poem or... Read More


Submitted 1/31 Jean Lohmann Poetry PrizeSubmitted 2/5 Application for Fishtrap Fellowship Yesterday I worked on a short story. This must have been a first for a Monday while school is in session. Felt... Read More

Snow Day!

Pushed the snooze button for exactly one hour this morning, then rolled out of bed knowing that I needed to get to work about fifteen minutes earlier than usual. I was thinking about how to do this, a... Read More