Dear Yoga Mat,

Dear Yoga Mat, You never scold me for staying away longer than I should and I need to remember when I roll out my mat and step to the top of the mat into Mountain that I am always home and welcome. Yo... Read More

Dear Pride,

Pride, You may not  be everything, but there are days when if it weren’t for you, I’d turn in my pen and take up baking.   Yours gratefully, Liz      ... Read More

Dear End Goal,

Dear End Goal, You are  publication, ultimately, but also just desire to have finished the work. At a recent writer’s group meeting a friend proposed that one of our greatest crutches as writer... Read More

Dear Paper and Pen,

Dear Pen and Paper, I bought a manual typewriter from a junk shop downtown Aberdeen and typed my first short story on it. I was eighteen. I didn’t own a computer until college. My son was just l... Read More