Day 17. Scene-a-day.

No worries if you haven’t been playing along so far. You can do as many or few scenes as works for you. Use it as a writing warm-up. Use it to explore aspects of a longer work you’re working on by putting your character(s) in the scene and seeing what happens.


Today’s Prompt: Write a scene that takes place in a particular small town. Research it.

This year I am adding an incentive for people to post their scenes or at least a snippet from their scenes as a reply to each day’s prompt. Anyone who posts here gets their name entered into a drawing, and at the end of the month, I will send one lucky writer a fiction writer’s care package. If you post, fill out this contact information form. 🙂 A few items that are part of the care package are featured above to entice you to share!


Here’s a picture again of a few of the items in the writer’s care package to entice you…swag you can win

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