Found sentences

Sentences I’ve collected lately while reading…
“We almost couldn’t break it off, because just when I’d made the decision someone killed his cat.” Mating, Norman Rush (37)
“Whatever his original interest in me had been, I blasted it into nothingness with my attentions.” Mating, Norman Rush (44)
“Overhead there were strings of paper lanterns with real candles in then, a poor idea because the lanterns were jerking around and spilling hot wax on selected prominent people.” Mating, Norman Rush (60)
“Like many L.A. cops, Bigfoot, named for his entry method of choice, bar ores show- business yearnings and in fact had already appeared in enough character parts, from comical Mexicans on The Flying Nun to assistant psychopaths on Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, to be paying SAG dues and receiving residual checks.” Inherent Vice, Pynchon (9)
“The trees of the neighborhood sifted the air green.” ¬†Inherent Vice, Pynchon (36)
“Sunrise was on the way, the bars were just closed or closing, out in front of Wavos everybody was either at the tables along the sidewalk, sleeping with their heads on Health Waffles or in bowls of vegetarian chili, or being sick in the street, causing small-motorcycle traffic to skid in the vomit and so forth.” Inherent Vice, Pynchon (98)
“Offshore winds had been too strong to be doing the surf much good, but surfers found themselves getting up early anyway to watch the dawn weirdness, which seemed like a visible counterpart to the feeling in everybody’s skin of desert winds and heat and relentlessness, with the exhaust from millions of motorcycles mixing with microfine Mojave sand to refract the light toward the bloody end of the spectrum, everything dim, lurid and biblical, sailor-take-warning skies.” Inherent Vice, Pynchon (98)
“It was now lunch and they were all sitting under the double green fly of the dining tent pretending that nothing had happened.” –“The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”, Hemingway


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