Make a list.

I’m a listmaker. I make lists of daily to-dos, long-term writing goals, personal growth goals each month, places I someday want to travel, and pretty much anything I hope to make real. It’s all about time management. Even grocery lists. The whole purpose of a grocery list is to get out of the grocery store sooner. I’ve learned that it doesn’t necessarily matter whether I look back at the list after I’ve made it. It’s the writing it down that focuses the energy, queues the task up.
It does feel good to mark something off a list, though.
One of the most important aspects of list-making is built in forgiveness. There is no shame in failing or forgetting anything on a list. Make the list, prioritize, be reasonable, allow for spontaneity. I mean, what if you get a last minute invite to go to a movie or take a walk and it’s not on your list but you know that the connection will do you good?
So, let’s start this writing week by making a list. Write down five to ten writing goals you have for the week. *pauses to write them down
I did it. Did you?
Well, then, take inhale a fresh helping of air into your lungs, so much air that you feel it in the top of your lungs, then exhale all that air slowly. Okay. We’re ready for another week of being writers. *high five
See you in a week!


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