Low-Stakes Thursday

I set the timer for 30 minutes this time. Couldn’t find a prompt, so I just started with a sentence. Here’s what I wrote. Go for it! It’s Low-Stakes Thursday. 🙂

He had been waiting at that same bus stop for the last twenty years. At first he had somewhere to go, but now he just rode the bus out and back again all day until the sun predictably set behind the dark hills. When the bus groaned to a halt and he hoisted himself inside, looked up, to his surprise his eyes met a strange face, a man’s face, not Lil’s face. The man’s nose hairs bloomed like asters and the heads of his eyebrows fanned out gray. He cleared his throat in surprise, pulled out the pocket of his sagging khakis to retrieve the one dollar twenty five cents fare,. each coin clinking as it hit.
“Where’s Lil?” he asked.
“I’m a sub.”
Nothing. Incensed, he slow-stomped to the way back seat and sat his arms folded across his chest.
Crazy Grace sat in her usual seat, clasping her lop-sided toy poodle close.
“Where’s Lil?” He asked her.
“There’s a sub today. She’s probably sick. Or maybe it’s a family emergency? Or maybe she found a better job.” At this thought, Grace clucked and turned her face up to the contraception add featuring a woman, minimally clothed.
“What? You think she might not come back?” he asked, fingering the plastic vending machine ring he’d had in his pocket for 43 days.

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