Want to write a poem a day with me in April?

It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since I started writing a poem-a-day in April, but it has. Poetry is not my primary genre, and every April I consider that and whether the energy for the month of April will be well spent on poetry. After all, this blog exists to explore this topic of how to pursue creative lives when time is precious and we lean toward self-sabotage. Shouldn’t I use every minute for writing I have on the work at hand? The one you want to someday finish and publish. Every April I consider this and weigh it against what writing a poem-a-day provides: a challenge, a concentration on language, joy at having created thirty poem-things by April 30.

Consider it a warm up. Consider it practice. Consider it a celebration of spring, and definitely consider joining me in writing one poem each day this month. I usually give myself a time limit and write the best poem I can in that time. I’m not going to spend all day, though you can if you want. This year I’m going to select the prompt from one of a few prompt sites (see links below). As I have for many years now, I’ll share the results here on this blog.


Poetic Asides


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