3 thoughts on “What are you reading now?

  1. Jackie

    I’m reading Lessons on Becoming Myself by Ellen Burstyn. This is a must read for all spiritual creative women. If you have seen the movie Resurrection
    you’ll know why I am reading this book and it does not disappoint.
    I’m also reading Life After Death by Deepak Chopra. I’ve read other books by Deepak, hear him speak in person and on PBS. This book is amazing, maybe even better than Ageless Body Timeless Mind — which revolutionized mind body thought.

  2. Christina

    I just finished reading “Zoli” by Colum McCann. “Zoli” is about a female gypsy singer and poet. The novel is set among gypsies in Slovakia after the second world war. It’s a beautiful novel filled with sights and smells, poetry and music. It’s a tragic novel full of heartbreak and pain, fragility and strength. McCann’s tale is intelligent, compassionate and compelling.

  3. Christina

    I’m in the middle of Christopher Moore’s “Coyote Blue.” My sister-in-law, Emelita, loaned me this book because my nightstand, normally stacked with books to read to the point of teetering, was down to almost nothing. My husband’s been unemployed for a few weeks and I haven’t been able to purchase enough books to properly weigh down my nightstand. So, I’m borrowing now–which is good; I get to read some things that I normally probably wouldn’t. “Coyote Blue” is one such book.

    “Coyote Blue” is a light, fresh book. It’s incredibly fun to read. But you’d be wrong if you thought of it only as amusing. Thrown in with all that humor and silliness is a whopping lot about love, the search for identity, spiritual journeys.

    I read this line about the book recently on the internet…wikipedia maybe?…it was not attributed to anyone, but it describes people who like this novel, and others like it, quite well: It is a cult novel for people too smart and too hip to be part of a cult.


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