Inherent Vice Review

Inherent ViceInherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon

Chris and I read this one together. We came across a preview for the movie coming out in December and, impressed by the cast and story, decided to read it.
What a fun, smart book! Every time I sat down to read, I laughed out loud and also stopped to marvel at perfect sentences. The details Pynchon paints on to build this “part noir, part psychedelic romp” are brilliant.
I can’t wait for the movie and I’m pushing the book off too as many friends as I can get to read it and go to the movie with us.

A couple of found sentences:

“Last Doc knew, his ex-old lady here had been at least a person of interest to countless levels of law enforcement, yet here she was now, same getup, same carefree attitude, as if she still hadn’t even met Mickey Wolfmann, as if some stereo needle had been lifted and set back down on some other sentimental oldie on the compilation LP of history” (261-262).

“And on she went, without waiting for an answer, twinkling like a roomful of speed-freaks hanging Christmas tinsel, about her different escapes” (172).

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