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bulbs popping up in January, reminding you to trust the writing process

Trust the writing process. Audio version included.

Read this or put this on repeat if you want to break through resistance and trust the writing process. Better yet, write and record your own version.

*Deep inhale, long exhale

As in life, there will be uncertainty in your creative work. You may write a million words and never publish one. Your writing will be stilted, contrived, and full of writerly exposition, revealing that you don’t yet trust your reader. 

Practice trust. 

Let go of fear so you can stay in the flow. Let your characters guide you. Stay in the moment. 

Let go of worry. Don’t follow the compulsion to explain. Follow the compulsion to show. 

Let go of future-tripping about what your writing says about you as a WRITER. Let go of those existential questions. 

Are you writing? 

Then, you’re a writer. Trust the writing process.

The more important question is–Does it feel good to write? 

In my experience, it doesn’t feel good when you let fear take the wheel. Remember why you started writing anyway. If you’re like me, you started writing so you could feel better, understand more, tell the story you’d been aching to tell. 

Is this easier said than done? 

For sure. Practice makes perfect, my friends. 

Let’s do this thing together. 

Trust the process. Let go your need to control the outcome. Let it flow.

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