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picture of a zine made by Liz Shine about how to make time to be creative

Editing hack acquired!

Dear Writer Friend, 

This week I discovered one of those little hacks. You know the kind. The kind you want to tell everyone about, the kind that I still have yet to discover for the process of shelling garbanzo beans–anyone? This particular hack happens to be for editing/revision.

We all know that it’s a good idea to read your work aloud when you’re editing. If that’s something you do, then you also know that it’s not perfect. Speaking is its own kind of effort and can take brainpower away from the line editing you are trying to do. While most of you have already discovered how to have your Word read your document to you using the speak feature, I had not until now, and I love it. Below are links to directions for how to use this editing hack and also for how to use Google Docs to do the same. For me, this improves my editing game. And who doesn’t need whatever help they can get with the process of editing? 

Instructions for Word

Instructions for Google Docs

What hacks did you use this week to meet your writing goals? I want to know. Some of my favorites are: using a pomodoro timer, writing out my goals each morning before I write, and sticking to a strict routine. I’m not quite as rigid as David Lynch about it, but I am aspiring. A fixed routine is a sort of time magic that opens up a portal you can step through to get the work done free of distraction and doubt.

What are the most important parts of your routine to you and why?

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