Coffee and Quiet

As I sit here at Mud Bay Coffee House, trying to stay focused on writing, I’m grateful for all the options in this town for good coffee and a quiet space to write. I had to escape. Really. Picture a twelve year old boy and a Black Lab/Aussie mix jumping on the bed where you’re trying to relax. You see what I mean? It is the first day of spring break after all. So, I gave them both the attention they were clearly craving, packed my bags, and left. I’ve been here for two hours. I’m not leaving anytime soon. Probably, they’ll have to kick me out.
I went to the Border’s semi-annual celebrate teachers by suckering them into spending money by offering discounts and chocolate event. It worked. I bought Good Poems, The Writing Diet and How To Read and Why for myself. I also bought a couple books for my brother. (It was his birthday).


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