Day 2: Wiggling my toes

So it’s technically Monday morning already, but I’ll start with the events of Sunday and then post later about how today goes.

Day 2: Sunday

They’re easing us in here. One peek at the schedule for Monday and it’s clear that the days will be busy. I’ve given up the notion of trying to fit in a run while I’m here. I think I manage waking up just a little early to practice yoga, but the rest, will have to fall by the way-side for now.
I was up by 5:00 and wandered around campus to find a yoga spot. Though it took some time, I did eventually find a great little spot between two trees. As my arms reached up and back from mountain into a warm-up standing forward bend, a dark bird stretched its wings and squawked overhead, streaming past my line of sight. I knew I’d found the right spot. And after 40 or so minutes of practice, including a final rest in Savasana, I was ready to face the day.
Sunday began with another lovely—still slightly awkward as we get to know the program and each other—meal. Then, we had a long break before the events of the afternoon and evening.
Unsure what to do with myself, I walked off campus, wondering what I might find if I just walked around. What I found was this wonderful little nail shop where I followed my inclination to get a pedicure. “Hop-up.” The middle-aged, sharp-featured Asian woman gestured to the pedicure throne. I noticed how her angled bob made her look fun, though I had no idea whether she was or not, as she leaned in to turn the knob on the back of the chair. I leaned in to the massage. Ah…..
In the end, I had clean, neatly trimmed, seductively red toes and a respite from the mild, but persistent anxiety of what is to come, will I fit in, what if…
On the walk back to campus I had to wonder if it was the effect of the pedicure that prompted the leather-faced man in the outdoor tavern coral to lean over the wooden banister, “Excuse me, young lady,” he said, “but you went this way earlier—looking like a dream–and now you’re coming this way. Would you care for a beverage?” Though I declined, I had to think, a dream? and wiggle my toes and toss back my hair.
At 4 PM, there was a reading, then dinner, then some more readings. Kathleen Flenniken, Kevin Clark, Rebecca McClanahan, And Jess Walter read. I enjoyed every one of the readings, and now I’m thinking I’ll hold off on any book buying until I’ve heard more, browsed more. There’s clearly a lot of talent congregated here and that is exciting and intimidating, but mostly marvelously inspiring. Monday, the fun starts. The pace is picking up…


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