Day 4: Fish is fish.

Usually I don’t mean to lie. I just am not very good at judging just how much life stuff one can fit on one metaphorical plate, and apparently I have a big fat ego, because I have been known to stand there with stuff literally falling off onto the floor, and I’ll bend over, pick it up, put it back on the plate, and then assure, “No problem. Piece of cake. I got it.” This was pretty much what happened when I promised a long blog entry for today and then got all cocky and promised to post some actual writing too. Aint happening folks. What you’ll get instead is a summary of some important events.
Just know that I’m a Pisces. If you’re not familiar with us-types, what this means is, it will happen, just not quite as promised. 🙂
The talk this morning by Stephen Corey was thought-provoking and powerfully delivered. His talk centered around the question: “Why and in what ways do you question your right to write about something?”
Then, workshops. I was up. I wasn’t worried, though several people from my group did ask me if I was beforehand, which did induce my mind to chase after some nasty little self-doubts. Come to think of it, I kind of got consoled by a couple people after too…Get back here. Right now!
I was tired and my mind of course was spinning after the workshop. So, I skipped the next session and took a long walk to let some things run their course in my head.
I returned from the walk with about thirty minutes to sit reading, back propped against the trunk of a tree, before the 3:00 class.
The 3:00 class was on story endings and was taught by Adrienne Harun. I appreciated her wit, her insight, and her use of concrete examples to illustrate her ideas. She recommended the book Reading for the Plot by Peter Brooks.
I then had some free time to read up for tomorrow’s workshop and do some laundry before dinner.
The readers after dinner included David Biespiel, Robin Hemley, and Ann Pancake. All were wonderful. Ann Pancake knocked the wind out of me. I bought her book Strange as this Weather Has Been today, and after hearing her read, Im moving it to the top of my what I’m reading next pile.

That’s it. Just a summary. At the moment I am wading around in the point-of-view ditch looking for pollywogs and thinking of that children’s book Fish is Fish.


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4 thoughts on “Day 4: Fish is fish.

  1. Kelli

    You know, I’m living vicariously through your blog…

    Good to read this. I miss PLU, more than I thought I would.

    And good to see you in person Monday.

    Have a great week! It goes by so fast.

  2. Carrie

    Wanted to let you know I am here and reading your life. Please keep the blog going- I keep thinking about you as I drink my morning coffee on my beloved patio. I’m editing tonight and will be up late… 🙂

  3. Liz Shine

    It is going so fast. And, I’m happy that you’re getting something from this too.
    I’m so impressed with the spirit and camaraderie of this program.

  4. Liz Shine

    I’m happy you are out there in my audience. 🙂 When I get home, we’ve got to get together and write. School begins WAY too soon…


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