Home again…but still writing

So, I’ll be attending the Rainier Writer’s Workshop this August to begin work on my MFA in Creative Writing-Fiction. Thing is, PLU requires proof (signed by a doctor) that you’ve had your MMR. I called my mom, my high school, the county health department in–don’t tell–Grays Harbor, and my childhood pediatrician. Nothing. So, my current doctor took a blood test–a titer–that could identify whether I had the antibodies, thus proving I’d been immunized. The first blood test, he only had them check measles, not mumps and rubella. So, I had another blood test. Now, the second test shows that while I’m immune to measles and rubella, I’m not immune to mumps. So, I have to get an MMR. I have an appointment today at–guess where my doctor sent me–the Safeway pharmacy. At least while I’m at it, I can pick up some groceries, eh? Anyway, I hope to be done with that today, as it is the one thing holding up my registration.
As for writing, I’m getting back to that this morning too. I’m glad I escaped to Ocean Shores so early in the summer. It’s set a tone for a focused, productive summer. 🙂
Particular goals? I’m working on self-publishing some poetry chapbooks, looking for an agent for my novel, and writing some new fiction.
What do you listen to while you’re writing? I listen to all sorts of things or nothing at all, but today I’m listening to jazz.


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