A Room Of Your Own: Light A Candle

We’ve been quiet here for a few days at All The Muses, in part because my sister-in-law and collaborator had her gall bladder removed and hasn’t had the strength to write much. She is home recovering now and will return soon with more musings and recipes. I am sure she will struggle some to get back into a writing routine. It takes far less than a gall bladder surgery to throw me off my groove. In truth, an unexpected phone call can do it or even just an impulse to check my email. That is what this blog thread is all about. Staying in the room. All the ways we keep writing though at times it feels like wading through calf-high mud in flip-flop sandals.

In reading a book that I will be blogging about soon I came across a piece of simple advice that seemed meant for me: light a candle. When you sit down to write, light a candle and keep it lit as long as you are in that room. Let everyone around you know what that flame symbolizes. Do what you intended to do when you struck the match.

I’ve had a candle sitting on my desk for three months and have only lit it once.

This piece of advice feels meant for me and I am going to try it, but I think the sentiment could apply to other gestures that communicate the sacredness of your writing time. Perhaps a special writing hat? A song you always play at the start and end of your writing time? Pre-writing meditation? The sound of a writing bell?

Your writing time IS that sacred. Light the candle.


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