Knee highs, puddles, multi-tasking and a writing prompt

Emy and I went shopping at Tuesday Morning last Friday. Man, I love that store. I bought all sorts of xmas gifties, including three toys for the dog. I think he’ll be most interested in unwrapping gifts this year. ☺ He’s curled up in a perfect ball in my line of sight right now. We just went for a walk in the cool night air. Fog hovered in the air at the track. I let him run off leash. He ran in circles, sniffed around and sprinted through puddles. Ah, to be a dog. Mostly, I bought gifts for people, but I did buy a couple of items for myself, including a pair of knee-highs. Now, I haven’t worn knee –highs since probably the third or second grade. Do you remember how good they are? How they don’t bunch around your ankles or slide down your shoes? I didn’t. How did I ever come to think I was too young for cable-knit knee-highs?
Puddles. We’ve had some trouble with those around here with streets closed and people flooded out of their homes. Personally, I was barely impacted by the storm early this week. It did, however, inspire me to buy a pair of rain boots, which are a perfect combination with my knee-highs. From now on, when I walk the dog in the rain, no more walking around or stepping over puddles. Splish. Splash. Fun!
This time of year is always a bit of a romp. It’s a busy time at school, but I have almost no interest in school at all and am keeping my eye on December 19 (winter break) at all times. I have the usual projects going on: decorating for Christmas to complete, Christmas cards to fill out, presents to buy, crafts to make and the usual projects to complete. In fact, I’m currently seeing double. If I could just forego sleep…

Prompt for this week:

Write about a gift or write something that can be given as a gift.


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