On Writing, plus some goals

I wrote on Saturday from 6:30 ‘til 10PM at Artisan’s Café in Downtown Olympia. I like it there. I think I’ll keep going. They have the best homemade hummus. Reminds me of the hummus Alex makes. Reminds me of the hummus Alex and I made in Arizona in 1993. Chunks of garbanzo, not creamed like so much hummus is. Wireless is free. That’s a bonus. I edited 30+ pages of my novel. On a roll. Spent a good amount of time last week researching markets and deadlines. Yesterday (Sunday), I organized my short story collection for editing.

–Send out If 3 Is by February 26
–Send out SS collection by same date
–Send out 3rd edit of At The Pump for peer feedback and format for submission to editors
–Send out groups of 3-5 poems to various markets

I won’t be posting weekly prompts for a while. Change of format. I’ll be logging my goals, rejections and successes instead. I am; however, creating a prompt list as a link of fmy webpage that I’ll post here when it’s ready.


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