One blue, one black.

Today is the seventh day of NaNoWriMo, and I am going strong. I’m keeping about one day ahead at 11, 612 words last night. My spirits are high, but I cannot say I am unphased. I noticed this morning on my way to work that I was wearing mismatched socks: one blue, one black. What could I do but shake my head and chuckle? The dishes have piled up. There are muddy dog prints on the kitchen tile and front door that have been there for a few days now. I notice them, wonder if Alex or Winston care, then call Emy for our nightly word war. I almost fell asleep last night in the final relaxation phase of my yoga class. I wonder what my students would have done if I’d started snoring? Would they have shuffled quietly out and let the hip-hop teacher wake me or woke me up? You don’t hear of teachers falling asleep in class often. In fact, I’ve only heard of that once. One day my son came home (he was in fifth grade at the time) and told me that his teacher had fallen asleep in her rocking chair during silent ready. At the time, I kind of envied her. So, I guess that’s what it’s really coming down to for me. NaNo has forced me to a point where I’m releasing my kung fu grip on certain things, like cleanliness, matching socks and the need to sit down and eat an actual meal.


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