A Room Of Your Own: Only Write

I’m a planner. Planning anything comes easy to me: a backpacking trip, a date night, a novel, even this blog. Always in the execution is when doubt, that mental bully, steps in my path to block my way.

Because I am most comfortable planning a thing, I can inadvertently keep myself puttering away in that space when I should be writing. I can fill my writing time making writing schedules, picking inspirational pictures for the wall of my writing room, creating idea collages of my latest work, or cutting out pictures of people in magazines who remind me of my characters.

These are all necessary things. 

They are also dangerous.

I urge you: do not spend your writing time doing any of these things.  Like me, you can convince yourself for weeks that you are writing when you are really just planning to write.

Do not hesitate one day more. You are a writer. You write something every day. You write at every stage of your story and before you rearrange the furniture in your writing room or create a collage of inspirational writing quotes.


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