Peter Selgin’s "Rigging the Ship Called Fiction"

I’ve had my share of struggles with point of view, tending toward being non-committal about it. This is something I’m actively working on improving now. So, besides just the practice and the writing and re-writing, I read this article called “Rigging the Ship Called Fiction by Peter Selgin. Here’s an excerpt:
“Point of view is a mindset; not just a way of seeing, but a complete set of interpretive criteria–a sensibility through which readers experience a fictional world: i.e., through which things are seen, felt, tasted, smelled, and (potentially) weighed and judged and put into personal or historical context and/or perspective. This mindset stems from character. And by “character” here I mean either a member of the work’s fictional cast, or that of an omniscient yet invisible host or narrator, or–and at the very least–the character of the author who selects and orchestrates the details with which we, his readers, are presented. And even the most objective, camera-like point of view requires a rigorous selection process. Call it viewpoint by by omission, if you like, but it’s still viewpoint, and it still requires the exercise of judgment and judgement exercised in the absence of character is folly.”


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