Writing in times of upheaval

How do you keep writing at times when your life is in upheaval? When your emotions are raw and exposed? Death of a loved one. Illness. Loss of employment. Break-up. There are many situations where it seems that just putting one foot on the floor each morning, then the other, and walking to take a pee is more creative energy than you thought you had.
Yet, for me, writing during these times is more important than any other time, because writing is how I process my thoughts and emotions. And walking.
So, I advise you to keep writing during these times. Even if it’s just a line here and there. Even if the line is banal. Write during these times first and foremost for you. Write honestly. Lock up your notebook if you’re worried someone might find out what you’ve really got in there. Don’t worry about the “project” you’re working on. Go wherever your heart compels you.
And read lots and lots of poetry. Let poems settle in your lap and nap there. Take poems into the shower with you. Copy poems in your own hand (or with your own keyboard) and read what you’ve copied over again. Send poems to friends.


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