A Room Of Your Own: Count words

When all else fails, count words. Pick a number, any number and write that number of words daily until you are back in the habit, until sitting down to write is no longer a struggle.

Once, I was so desperate that I enlisted the help of a friend to meet a daily word goal. 200 words felt like a lot at the time and for weeks I had been dry, staring at a blank page.

The immediate boost of having someone to boast to did get me writing again. We simply communicated our word count via text and then replied with a smile or a You-Go Girl. In this way, I began a flood of writing that led to eight short story drafts.

I am at that point of desperation again. Not dry like before, but lacking focus and daily discipline.

So, I will count words and I will tell you here each week for the next several weeks or as long as is necessary to write a first draft of this new novel how many words I wrote and how I went about getting those words on the page.


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