long distance stare

Dear Long Distance Stare,

Dear Long Distance Stare,

You’ve gotten me into trouble a few times in public.

“Stare hard, retard.” OR “What are you lookin’ at?” That sort of thing.

If I had a dollar for the number of times some stranger has passed me by on the street, taken you for sadness and told me to smile, assuring me that life wasn’t so bad, maybe I’d have a savings account?

But I don’t mind being ¬†misjudged as too serious and aloof. You are my best trick. No matter what thoughts are rumbling for attention to throw my focus off or what conversation is happening in the background, or who is texting next to me or talking on their phone, long distance stare, you are there for me.

You work best across a room or out a window. Right now, I am sitting at Bayview Market watching tiny people kayak way way out there in The Sound. The farther away I stare the better, bu I can look through people too and into the depths of coffee mugs.


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