Balancing Act

Balancing the kind of work to devote time to as a writer is not such a delicate business.
Asanas that require good balance, require focus and attention to the the subtleties of body and mind to hold them steadily for several breaths. If you let your attention drift, or you forget about a limb or part, you’re likely to topple over. Finding balance in writing isn’t that challenging.
A couple of hours ago, I nearly worked myself into a panic, thinking OMG! I’ve hardly written anything new since school let out for summer. I mean, this is supposed to be the time when I write and all I’ve been doing is editing and organizing. I nearly toppled over, until I realized that I still had both feet on the ground.
It’s true, I’ve written hardly anything new for a couple months. However, here’s what I have done:
–organized poems into chapbooks for chapbook project
–finished 4th draft of novel
–wrote synopsis and query for novel
–finished compiling first draft of short story collection
–printed first draft of YA novel for edits
–made some improvements and updates to blog
–read material for Rainier Writer’s Workshop
–set up an online submissions tracker
–submitted some stories and sent out queries to agents for At The Pump

You see, I haven’t written anything new; however, I’m now poised at the starting line, ready to roll. Knowing that I would be starting on my MFA at the beginning of August, bumped getting organized to the top of my priority list. Now, I feel ready for school and ready to move onto the next project with the wonderful freedom of having cleared the path there.


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