Creative Nudge: Try yoga.

Every writer I know has some immensely compelling and personal reason why they continue the work of their writing practice. This isn’t surprising, because the work of writing is difficult in so many ways, there has to be something that keeps us all hanging in there, clamoring for whatever it is we’re after (and that varies too).
I’m thinking about this because I’ve had the house to myself all day and though I thought that I’d get so much done, it’s now nearing evening, and I’m really just getting started. What I often do (and didn’t today) when I’m having a hard time getting focused is turn to my other practice–yoga. After a sequence of asanas, my mind is always calmer, more focused and ready to create. Here’s a sequence to inspire your creativity.
I’m off to practice the new sequence I’m teaching my AM yoga class tomorrow, so that my evening will have all the focus that my day lacked. Go yoga!


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