Escaping to Write: Day 2

7:40 AM Sunday

Woke up at 6:00 and went for a run on the beach. There is really nothing like running along the water’s edge. The waves sneak up, then retreat. The wind wicks sweat away. The ocean sounds like every answer to every question you ever had. It’s just for you to pick up on the write conversation being whispered. The seagulls are congregated for their morning feast.
The distance it took me to get from my hotel to the water’s edge was enough time to dump the clutter in my mind, so that I could focus on the important questions regarding my novel. So, I asked myself some important questions—at one point was actually talking out loud to my main character—as I ran, ran, ran. The last question was the scariest, but I asked. What’s the point, Liz? I was ecstatic to find I had an answer. So, as I walked a cool down back to the hotel, I ran over the breakthroughs I’d come to. Now, I’m getting started in implementing those changes in the current draft and the question is: where do I start? I think I’ll start with one change at a time, figure out where in the story I need to start with it and then thread it through to the end. Then, I’ll do the same for the next change.


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