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I’m here. writing with you…

The original form of this blog started in 2007 or so. It began and in many ways still is a way of asserting myself as a person who writes. More accurately, a person who deserves to write. And do you know what? Being a person who deserves to write had been one of the boldest assertions I’ve ever made. To do this work, I’ve had to contend with all of the following: 

  • my tendency to take care of the needs of others above myself
  • insecurity
  • self-doubt
  • the need to earn money to support my family
  • fear
  • laziness
  • indecision
  • impatience
  • exhaustion

And this is just a starter list. I used to post here more often. That’s because I hadn’t yet figured out what I was writing. I had a just barely 50,000 word novel I’d busted out in November 2005 (NaNoWriMo), notebooks full of poems, and a few half-baked short stories. 

Now, what time I have to write (Precious little! When can I retire?!), I spend chipping away at one of the three projects I’ve got in the works: two novels and a short story collection. I also work as an editor and designer for people self-publishing their book (Red Dress Press). Oh, and I teach high school English. 

So, I post to this blog less these days, always trying for once a week and falling short. But this blog is forever with me, and I am always sending out wishes for flow to all of you out there endeavoring to tell your story through art in spite of all the distractions (internal and external). 

Here are some things that lately are helping me Make Time: 

  • consistent writing schedule
  • no phone, no email until after writing is done
  • nurturing supportive relationships
  • letting go of relationships that drain me/ leave me feeling small
  • bad-ass groups I’m part of on Inked Voices

I’m here, writing with you. I’ve been here writing with you since I first picked up a pen at fifteen and wrote the most untutored, beautiful-in-retrospect poem. I wrote that poem as an assertion of what had to be asserted first. I want to live. I’ll find a way. 

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