Mid-week musings

I just finished yet another edit of my novel and am about to write a synopsis. At this point, I’m starting to send out queries to agents. I’ll write the synopsis (some agents require them), send out as many queries as I can and leave the book alone for a while.
I’ve been working on this project so long, that it’s hard to think of what’s next, especially since I also finished up the short story collection that I’d been working on compiling FOREVER.
So, what am I looking forward to? Compiling some poetry chapbooks and writing some new fiction. Sitting here at Border’s with my niece (her nose in a book), the sun warming me through the window, I’m feeling optimistic. Earlier, while the two of us were rummaging through the not so organized bookshelves at the Goodwill, I came across a copy of Wild Mind, which I bought for her. She says she loves to write. This book and Writing Down the Bones were so crucial to me as a young writer who was all desire and little talent.


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