What will be, will be.

I just printed an entire binder of material I’m supposed to read before the Rainier Writer’s Workshop (begins August 2). I think I’ll spend today getting a handle on that. Also, I came up with this idea (while running) the other morning of something that I can make and donate to the silent auction held during the RWW Residency. A “creative block”. Rather than try to explain…I ‘ll just post a photo when it’s done, but just know it’s going to be awesome!

I just got one of those calls where an automated message tries to put you on hold when you answer the phone. Whatever! It doesn’t get much ruder than that.

It’s the weekend, so if the writing happens, it happens. For the moment, I’m going to play WOW—just a little. Really. Kalikah is almost level 70.


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