Mid-winter break

Ah, a four day weekend. So far, I’ve worked on my writer’s group blog, made a few play lists for yoga class, leveled my druid, and made a list of what else I hope to accomplish. The week prior, I finished the third edit of my novel, which at this moment I think may be ready to send out.
I’m on the verge of finishing a few projects and the one thing that stands in my way more than anything: distractions. I have a few strategies for working through distractions, sometimes more effective than others. Headphones top the list of most effective. The most important piece for me though seems to be, forgiveness. The ability to forgivemyself for letting distractions in and therefore not meeting my writing goals. It’s much healthier and more productive to just start again each day. Why worry?
How do you deal with distractions?


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