Tayari Jones "So, You Have A Problem With Men?"

Tayari Jones blog post, “So, You Have A Problem With Men?” is worth your time. It’s specifically about the struggle of the black woman writer between self and society, but also about the writer’s struggle in general between rules and expectations and what they need to write in spite of all that. The post prompts thinking about how the writer is influenced by her community/society. Perhaps this profound influence– sometimes destructive influence–is why so many writers seek isolation to get their best writing done. Gabriel Garcia-Marquez locked himself in a room and nearly chain-smoked himself to death to write One Hundred Years of Solitude, and Thoreau, of course, everyone knows about him and Walden Pond, where he went to live deliberately. The “liberate” in that word is key. This article is about liberating the self from the world in the act of writing, about writing freely.


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