A Room of Your Own:Don’t ask me!

How do we keep writing in spite of our busy lives? Don’t ask me!

Everything was going so well.  Pages were getting filled with fiction. Post after post for this blog spilled forth with negligible effort. Then, just as the blackberries began to ripen, I got tense about the list of what I had yet to do this summer and started worrying about the lesson plans I had yet to make. The writing stopped before I even went back to work. There’s a dead period of three weeks I’ll never get back where I’m not sure what I was doing at all. And now school has started and I am once again overwhelmed with how quickly the day passes and how much I have left to do. Yesterday, I got as far as cleaning my desk. Today, I am making an outline. A nice long run is in my sight, but I can’t have it until that outline is done. So, I’ve set up a reward and I’m lighting this candle.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

How is your writing going?


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