Beginning, again.

One has to be comfortable with beginning again to stick with writing.

I am beginning summer again, that time when hours of time for writing open, which, paradoxically, can slow down my writing.

Sometimes, I begin new projects just to keep going, because I’m stuck in what I’m working on.

Sometimes, I have to begin a new draft in a blank document in order to honor the story over the precious phrases I’ve collected along the way.

I am beginning being single again, and when I say single, I mean my child is stepping out on his own life journey and I’ve got no one whose care I can use for an excuse for not writing.

I truth, I think one of the best choices I made as a parent must have been to begin really writing again with NaNoWriMo in 2005 (my son was 10). In ten years I had written in fits and starts, sometimes I would go months without writing at all. But that November I wrote a novel, well 25,000 words of a novel. Shortly after that I joined a writer’s group and started researching into MFA programs.

I have been working at writing pretty steady since then. I earned my MFA. I’m still in a writer’s group. As my son goes off to CA to pursue his dream to produce music, I smile that maybe my persistence somewhere along the way inspired him.

And why quit now? When I can really begin again.

Summer goal: Write every day. At least 700 wc.


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