Day 2: Baby Feet

Strolling on the beach at 5:30 this morning with Ajax, ideas relevant to both my novel and my life came to me not by brain but by inspiration. Two walks on the beach now have left the skin on my feet more like the skin I was born in, more willing to ask the right questions without fear.
I was awfully hungry when I woke this morning, but had only a cup of coffee before heading out on the beach. It felt good to feel hungry and I was thinking then that I’d like to feel hungry more often. After an hour on the beach, I washed a bowl full of strawberries. Those may have been the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever eaten.
Getting down to writing now. Working on my blog first. Adding some fiction, which you should check out here.


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2 thoughts on “Day 2: Baby Feet

  1. Travis

    sounds like you are having a great time. thanks for posting the link to more of your writing. i look forward to checking it out.


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