Musing On Love

Orange sunset reflected on the very edge of wet sand. There is a darkness here that she recognizes–but it’s that glow on the horizon that she can’t get enough of, and the two sand birds dancing their way down the beach. She chooses this though she is aware and in awe of the truth waves crashing again and again and the various ways we lie–we all lie–to get what we want.
Tadasana at ocean edge. Water receding, my navel glows like sunset. This slipping away isn’t slipping away at all and so I don’t resist.
Thank god I’m made of more than heart because seeming strong sinew contains nerves that over-fire or can’t think to fire at all when the signal for your philosopher’s brow, poet’s lips, warrior’s shoulders, legs, rump flash where feeling originates–the brain.
I’m only watching, not cowering and I am in awe of not you, but me. Because it is my body this is happening in. This is what I am capable of when inspired. Hallelujah! It’s not envy, greed, fear, or pain that rule me, you happy reminder of why I am in this silly body after all–to love with a wild wide heart. Your imperfections only provide the novelty my brain, of course, desires. Simply: I love–yes, you–but more importantly, I love.


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