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Some writing advice and some inspiration for your week to come: Let’s do this!

How is the writing going?

Earlier this year, my best writing buddy and I were struggling to make time to write. Both teachers, the school year—and it was clearly going to be a doozy—had us firmly in its grasp. We wanted to get away. Maybe a weekend at the beach or—hell—even a cheap motel in town (as we have done in the past). But we couldn’t afford that. So we committed over a long weekend to dedicate most of each day to writing.

We made a retreat basket for each other. We each had a box to open three times each writing day: morning, afternoon, and evening. The idea here is that you’d have to write through the morning to get your afternoon surprise.

Inside our boxes, we might find an inspirational note, chocolate, or anything really. We had a lot of fun surprising each other and being clever. I even got a piece of bread to toast.

It is memories like this lately that keeps me from throwing in the towel.

I’ve had so many colleagues this year say to me: I don’t know how you do it all. For a moment this makes me proud. Clearly, I am getting shit done and getting noticed for that. Then, I admit the truth to myself. I’ve been writing, but every time I sit down to write, my time is up just as I’m getting into the flow.


Getting my act together.

But I made a new writing schedule for the rest of this year and another one for summer, which is the first thing I do when I can’t seem to make enough time. I put the schedule in my phone and set all the reminders, then I added “I wrote today” to my habit tracker app. I looked back at my daily goals for last week and cried, but then shook it off and continued to make a plan.
Here is my current mantra for making time:

Let it go, let somebody else take care of it this time.

This beautiful intention is the gift this past school year has given me. Now? Onward. To a new writing schedule, summer, and making time!

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Creative Challenge for the week:

If you live in a family: Every time this week you notice something around the house that needs to be done, ask someone else to do it. It’s just a week. Let it go.
If you live alone: Notice what needs to be done and then let it pass right back of your mind and finish the writing first.

Writing Prompt/ Inspirational Photo:

Prompt: Write something that includes some colors of spring.

purple spring flowers writing

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