The Countdown and Blog Editing

And…only three more weeks ’til summer vacation. I spent hours yesterday getting writing projects organized for summer, when I’ll have more time to write. I also worked on this blog a bit, adding a new page on what I’m reading now. I used to chronicle this on myspace, but I’m done with that now. I prepared some poetry to send out in the mail. It was a productive day.
Okay, I’m getting better, I now spell check my blog entries, but I still find that I have to go back and edit them the next day, when my mind in no longer sunk in the content of the post. This is how I edit work that is not being instantly broadcast. It’s a bit like busy eating. It’s habitual. Slowing down takes conscious effort. Huge effort for me, since I’m often “busy” and accustomed to writing it all out and then editing later. Anyway, just a thought on that.


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1 thought on “The Countdown and Blog Editing

  1. Christina Hile

    Yes, I’m excited to get more blogging done too. I’m slowly, but surely, getting more into it. And, as my niece says, “I’m so over myspace.”
    Love you…


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