A Room Of Your Own: Pair Up

Writing occurs in solitude. It can only be done by you and requires that you linger long in that internal space of imagination where you have to go alone in order to write your story.

The joy we feel in writing something well is deeply personal–all ours. So are the struggles, and there are many. I am a strong woman capable of writing through all the ghouls my imagination can conjure to block my writing. I am even strong enough to face them alone. But, why would I do that?

Expending mental energy to try to solve a friend’s writing problems helps you solve your own problems too. At least half of A Room Of Your Own entries I’ve written thinking of my friend Carrie and then passed the ideas on to her as advice. We both struggle to write every day despite family, doubt, and lack of discipline, but I cannot imagine how much more difficult the writing would be if I did not know that in every moment of struggle or joy, she is always there, waiting to cheer me on or pick me up and dust me off.

I say fill your life with as many people like this as you can gather!

How do you do that?

By giving support. Whose pages have you read lately and given words of encouragement back? Who have you shared a quote with or a book? Whose story idea have you listened to? Who have you written a letter of support to? Who have you shared your writing process with?

Make a habit of encouraging others. I promise your own writing will benefit.


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